Why the last 5 months of my life have flown by…

Okay, so 5 months in from the arrival of my first child Huxley, I now feel compelled to start this blog having flown through a fair few baby milestones, finally caught up on all the sleepless nights lost and not roaming the house like the walking dead ambling through life and anticipating the next exploding nappy.


Before the birth I had big aspirations of (by this point in time) already successfully penning at least 1 award winning book on fatherhood, because obviously I am the first person walking this planet to go through this experience and the traumas associated with it.

My first words to all new fathers out there – Big yourself up, you fucking deserve it. You are doing fine whatever mechanisms you are using to cope/get through the day without going bat shit crazy. It’s a testing time and I feel your pain – I write this whilst drinking my 3rd coffee of the day at 8.30am. *Cue caffeine overload shakes*

To be perfectly honest I’m shocked that I’ve managed to get this far without losing all my hair, albeit I’m thinning rapidly at the sides, and this is no doubt down to my partner Charlotte being the MBM (Mega Babe Mum) she is. I’m sure at times she must of felt that she had 2 babies in the house when I had no energy to drag my sorry ass off the sofa and make her a well-deserved cup of mint tea; all after she had been up every 2 hours throughout the night breastfeeding and not had the time to wash her hair in 5 days.

Now, how to describe the bundle of joy/dribble that is currently taking up all our time and hard earned cash. Adorable? Yes. Beautiful? Yes. Smelly? YES. This blog is set up to air my frank and honest opinions on babies and life with them, as well as my general musings.

To start – Hands up if you gagged the first time you changed a shitty nappy? *Raises both hands insanely quickly.


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