Are you going on holiday this year, Luke? Yes! *Mad dash to Sainsbury’s to purchase child friendly factor 50 sun cream* Barcelona? No. New York? No. Turkey? No. Derbyshire? YES – Holidaying in the UK *sigh*…..Someone please tell me when i turned into a skint boring fart for not seeking the art & culture of an exciting undiscovered country, even with a shoe string budget.

Now let me stop you there before you think i don’t give a shit about rolling hills, country walks and strange locals who fear the city type…There is a sunbed and cocktail somewhere with my name on it! Our itinerary included full days out at Alton Towers (Busy), Chatsworth House (Majestic), IIam Park (Not ideal with a pushchair) and the picturesque town of Bakewell (All the pastry you can eat) – all topped off with 6 adults and 2 children bunked up in an isolated cottage in Eyam. Who said my family didn’t know how the push the boat out and have fun?


Now, the struggle began probably a month before we were due to depart. Packing to take a 4 month old baby for a week away seemed like a monumental task with my OH compiling lists as long as a week grocery shopping receipt. I was full of anxiety and fear the holiday would be less relaxing than just staying at home and slobbing. Plus, living in close quarters with family wasn’t something i had done for at least 7 years and dreading *WW3 imminent*. We already concluded that our small Polo was not up to the task of moving practically half our house belongings up North, so the OH’s dad came to the rescue and lent us his 4×4 *Fist Pump*. Advice – If you own a car with the same boot space as a postage stamp, don’t stress on trying to pack for every eventuality or looming weather front, its impossible.

A few minor arguments, mainly about food (shock) and timing issues that come with a 4 month old, but apart from that we all had a fantastic time. STOP, DID YOU JUST SAY THAT? I must have visited Derbyshire numerous times whilst growing up, hence the initial hesitation and not wanting to remove our precious bubba from the cosy bubble of our home. That’s rational, right? However, to see my parents enjoying cherished time with both their children and 2 grandchildren together was priceless, and something that will stay with me for a long time. Who’s to say the testing, long 5 hour car ride won’t be undertaken again in the future?

If like me you don’t see holidaying in the UK as a proper escape from reality, and more an inconvenience, bite the bullet and give it a try. What’s the worse that can happen? (Sung in the famous Dr Pepper advert tune). As long as you are surrounded by loved one, make treasured memories, take in epic views of uninterrupted scenery and lungs full of fresh, manure tainted, non-intoxicated city air, everyone’s a winner. As for Huxley, he’ll never remember the holiday and probably didn’t even realise we left the NR2 postcode. Oh well.

Someone please tell me where i left those walking boots? Cornwall Anyone?








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