Birthday & Wedding…

September. The main month. Horrendously busy with the numerous friends and family birthday celebrations and my best mate decides to throw a wedding into the mix – Good one.

27th September – My birthday. Now officially more of an adult than ever and I’ve hit the ripe old age of 31. My morning chat with Huxley went something along the lines of… Ba Ba, Oooh ooh, Cough Cough, Ooooooh, Ha, Ha, Ha translated as ‘Happy Birthday Papa’, ‘How did you sleep?’ and ‘Does the weather look promising today?’ quickly followed by Meh, Grunt, Grunt, RAAAH meaning ‘Hurry up and change this nappy I’ve been festering in all night and if that bottle teat isn’t in my mouth 10 seconds afterwards, I’m screaming for Mama! Well good morning to you mate, take it the card and cake is waiting downstairs for me?

When you reach the grand old age of 30+ the present haul drops considerably. To be honest, its been dropping at a steady rate since I turned 21 but you can’t complain. It’s not like someone is going splash the cash to buy the Rolex I want but on the other hand with a new baby comes dad presents. Obviously Huxley hasn’t been out wandering the streets looking for somewhere to spend his hard-earned pocket-money, and I know the gift was selected by the OH but still the thought was there. Hux ‘bought’ for me some cotton pyjama bottoms (Next) and some cookie bites (M&S) – He knows me so well already.

I’m looking forward to the time Huxley can make a conscious decision on a gift. It might be the shoddiest thing you could possibly think of and have no use for it at all but knowing it was selected by your child, with you in their mind, take its sentimental value up to epic proportions. What’s the Best/Worst gift you have been given by your child that you still dearly love and brings back great memories?

I’ve had a few days off work for my birthday and done nothing but eat and spend time with my family. Eating all the cheese (stolen from the wedding already mentioned), naughty lunchtime Pineapple & Chilli Margarita’s from our new local – Warwick Street Social (@warwickstsocial), Huxley’s first taste of chlorine with a swimming trip and finishing with a pizza date at Brick (@pizza_brick) just me and the OH. PERFECT.

Untitled 1.png

*Ding-Dong* Wedding bells fill the air and I’m poised with a handful of confetti. My best mate tied the knot over the weekend and asked me to be the best man (Jokes). Now I’m sure you’ll all want to hear the anecdotes and embarrassing stories from my speech but to my great relief, I didn’t have to do one *second fist pump of this blog*. It’s not that I’m against public speaking but they bucked tradition and preferred a simple Thank-You for coming speech, to all guests. Along with no first dance but an Espresso Martini and Krispy Kreme canape arrival – One way to get the party started – Also in the rules were NO CHILDREN GUESTS. I can see some of you and the repulsive look in your face but stick with me.

For me and the OH taking Hux to a wedding was a no go even before we received the invite minus his name. Harsh but fair. We thought this would be a good time to really enjoy ourselves as a couple, without the added worry of trying to keep a 5 month old quiet throughout the ceremony or stop him from rubbing his grubby mits over another guests newly purchased dress,  or even down to having to depart early to get him to bed. A chance for us to feel the love and embrace what we were before Huxley came along and a bloody good excuse to quaff loads of champers *wink wink*.

My dads view on this is “A wedding without children is boring” – Don’t mince your words there Tony. He thinks they are the next generation and if the parents are present on your wedding day, then its likely you will have some input into their growing up, so why should they be excluded? Plus, he thinks the expert timing of kids can result in some very comical events. True! When my sister was younger, halfway through a wedding service she shouted at the top of her lungs ‘Mum, I want a Mars Bar’ LOL.

I understand it’s all personal opinion and ultimately up to the bride and groom how they plan their big day to be but how do you feel about no children at a wedding? Would you be offended if you were asked to come alone as a couple, really relax and let loose for the day?

Answers on a stamped addressed envelope.


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