Snuffle Pig…

The inevitable has happened – The first bout of illness has taken over the house! *Screams*Mental Note – Must stock up on Vicks Vapour Rub, Strepils, Nurofen, Lemsip….the list is endless and now to include baby safe products! It’s always when you want some relief antidote, it’s not in the house, and a trip to the local pharmacy feels like an Antarctic expedition…especially with man flu (Yes, it does exist). Plus, the effort involved in making yourself look acceptable to be seen in public feels like a task in itself – you know the time you go dressed in slobs resembling a Orc from Lord of the Rings you’ll bump into a neighbour wanting a conversation on bin collection or the new pot hole in the road that’s causing her a great deal of personal pain and anguish. *Yawn* All that’s going through your head is – LEAVE ME ALONE TO CRAWL BACK TO MY BED, CANT YOU SEE I’M DYING HERE.

With me and the OH finally hitting to home stretch to clearing the cold, we thought we escaped luckily with not passing this on to Huxley. We avoided kissing him (harder said than done), keeping our hands super clean, and not letting him touch anything we thought may pass on the virus. But alas, the dastardly bug claimed another victim!

Now, I’m sure all of you were more than concerned the first time your child caught an illness but our terror stuck as the poor boy is currently experiencing the 6 month growth spurt and teething. God help us see this through.

I woke up one morning to hear what can only be described as a baby piglet grunting over the monitor. It was that realistic the instant thought that crossed my mind was, did I check the front door was locked last night? Images of a bugler breaking in and swapping Huxley for a pig had me jumping out of bed faster than a tramp on dropped chips. Don’t panic – He’s fine…just a snotty nose that he managed to rub all over his face.

Now sit down as this may come as a shock – baby’s do not like having their noses blown or don’t have ability to either. I’ve seen my niece (aged 3) in the same situation and she’s a runner, anything to not have her nose blown or squeezed (the more technical term). She would just rather lick it as it rolls down and touches her top lip. Vile cretin. To avoid this the OH remembered she was gifted a Affe Silicone Baby Nasal Aspirator (Other brands and variation available) at her baby shower. In basic terms, it a snot sucker! I thought that I had fully got over my  fear of bodily functions having dealt with dirty nappies and being wee’ed on but watching snot being sucked out of a baby nose sent me into a gagging fit. A worthy invested if it avoid me sucking it out with my mouth, like I’ve heard some people have. *GAG*

Snuffle Babe. Only described as a milder version of Vicks. Understandable really, you get any of that to close to your face or accidentally in your eye you definitely know about it. Potent. Going against instructions and not wanting to put it anywhere Hux’ could touch, we rubbed some onto his feet in the hope it would waft up his Grobag and into his nasal passage. Seemed to do the trick nicely and well worth the price. These two quite simple products have us all back to 100%….


An old mothers tale we weren’t inclined to try just yet, was dissolving a tea-spoon of Vicks in some hot water, dipping a tea towel into the water, then ringing out before putting on a warm radiator in baby’s nursery. A home-made diffuser if you like.

Anyone else got any useful hints or tips for battling a baby cold?


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