Toscana, Tears & Tricks…

Toscana, Tears & Tricks – 6 monthold Huxley’s 3 T’s.

Toscana. My favourite Romana based pizza from Pizza Express that’s since been removed from the menu *Sob*. The sweet fennel and chilli sausage pizza of my dreams. I’m probably going to do a blog about pizza soon as I’m obsessed with it and quite the connoisseur if I do say so myself. Anyway, in an ode to the pizza itself, me and the OH decided to name Hux’ favourite soft toy after the pizza. It has the same blue and white stripe pattern that matches the PE uniform, so seemed fitting. To much ridicule off our parents at the complex name for a baby’s duck soother, ‘Why don’t you just call it Ducky?’, Hux is literally obsessed with it. We have even purchased a second to put into circulation to avoid one becoming a dirty stained rag resembling a duck, that we are unable to prise from his already super strength grip, to wash. I think we owe a lot more to this little duck than we let on – It helps him sleep (even though it looks as though he is smothering himself with it), keeps him entertained/comforted long enough to quickly run a house errand and is improving his dexterity/hand-eye coordination. I salute you Jellycat – Bredita. What is happening to me thanking teddy’s?


Tears. The latest method Hux has realised will get him all the attention he wants/needs. Now don’t think we just ignore the little blighted for 8 hours a day but it seems he’s slowing working his way to having both myself and OH wrapped around his little finger. Is this just the normal baby way for figuring out boundaries? Jeez, sounds likes he’s 6 months going on 6 when I say that. He’s happy to go into full meltdown mode over the simplest of things:

  • Dropping his favourite book out of reach gets a similar reaction as saying, No sweets until you reach 12 years old, to a toddler. Yes, that dramatic.
  • Not being fed quickly enough/not letting him help feed himself – No, I will do it and save us both being covered in pureed broccoli and potato and ensure you actually eat something.
  • Not including him in adult conversation and asking for his opinion on whats for dinner tomorrow or the colour we should paint the bathroom. He basically shouts over us until we look at him. That’s not normal is it? Or maybe the undecipherable coos are his contribution? Anyway, he just hates feeling left out.

I’m sure this is just the start and one of you will catch me having a nervous breakdown in the supermarket all because nasty papa wont let him have the beautifully package, non child friendly cereal he isn’t allowed. *Rolls Eyes*


Tricks. Huxley has now well and truly got to grips with rolling over and manoeuvring himself to where he wants to be (or doesn’t as it may be). Lay him on his back and in the blink of an eye he’s on his belly kicking away like he’s trying to escape a shark attack. His legs are already so strong and you definitely know if he lands a good kicks especially on more delicate parts, if you catch my drift. The OH thinks he is going to be an early walker, butI’m sure all parents think that?

Hux’ latest trick looks similar to the worm dance only deconstructed – Pushing up on his hands then kicking out with his legs. He actually travels backwards and in the direction of anything he shouldn’t really be playing with or chewing on – It’s quite baffling to watch and shocking he actually gets anywhere. His cheeky, mischievous face definitely shows he knows he’s on the move.

We have a bit of a dilemma in the household as his new mobility game increases. We do not have a single carpet in the house, plenty of rugs mind you, but only bare floorboards and stone tiles (Kitchen). Now it might sound odd but the old, creaky house we live in suits the bare floorboard look and we are now in fears for Huxley’s poor knees being shredded when he starts crawling. Anyone have any advice on this? Baby knee pads? I’m sure the decision will bite us on the arse when he is posting jigsaw pieces, money and debit cards through the gaps *Calls Carpetright*

Lastly, it looks as though we have just started on the long road called teething. Huxley is becoming very irritable with cheeks as flushed as a wino’s. His teething toys are taking a battering and I’m expecting things to get a lot worse over the coming month or so. Wish me luck.


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