Teething Terror

*PICK UP PHONE AND CALLS THE TOOTH FAIRY TO PUT HER ON STANDBY* We finally have a tiny toothy peg break the surface of some red, painful looking gums. YES BABY.

I got way more excited about this than is really acceptable, mainly because i knew the pain Huxley was going through was now in the past….well until next time. After what seems like months of endless soaking wet dribble bibs, Hux gnawing down on anything and everything (Unlikely to change) and otherwise uninterrupted nighttime sleep on both behalf’s, its here to stay.


I’ve heard that a baby breaking their first tooth is a kin to an adult breaking through a wisdom tooth. *Rubs jaw* I’ve had serious problems and pain with my wisdom teeth, so much so i had them all removed in hospital, but still. I sympathised with him every time he woke in the night pleading for Bonjela and cuddles like some crack whore needing a life numbing fix. I’m hoping now the first is through the following should be less traumatic for the all of us – 1 down 19 to go!

The OH got pretty upset when she first discovered the small white glint in Hux’ bottom gum line. Although still a baby until the age of 1, she saw this as BIG milestone and symbolised the end of the proper baby stage. Man up women – we all know teething is something inevitable and should be embraced.

I never thought the teething terror would end but the rolling hills of the shire are in sight. Contrary to a statement in a previous blog, admit, I did read a parenting book pre-birth ‘Pregnancy for men’ by Mark Woods. It was my bible. The part that stuck in my head was something along the lines of – “Get through the first 3 months and you can handle anything”. The final words of the book being “see you on the other side of teething”.

Well Luke, stand up, take and bow and get ready to receive that parenting award.*Tumble weed*


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