Bed Time Stories…

Is teaching your child to read one of the most important things in life? Will this give them a fundamental base to build on, help with social interaction and most importantly the ability to get lost in the words of an author, giving fuel to their imagination? YES.

As predicted, since having a baby finding the time to sit down with a book is proving difficult. Once you have fed, bathed and put a baby to bed, it’s kind of cruel to not spend time with your loved one, talk about the day and give them some much-needed adult conversation after a day of goo goo gaga. Baby brain effects still not warn off. Ha. (The OH will probably kill me for that comment).

Gone are the times when an enthralling novel could have me gripped and it wouldn’t be more than a week before the final pages are being turned. I recently polished off a few book (an achievement in itself) within the half hour a day I’ve been able to grab after lunch. Titles being: Slade House (David Mitchell), A Million Little Pieces (James Frey) and The Watchmaker of Filigree Street (Natasha Pulley). All great reads if you’re looking for a good book but The Watchmaker took the top spot, in my opinion. On the hunt for something new if anyone has any suggestions…?

When Hux’ is not falling asleep on his bedtime bottle, we have been starting to read him a little short story (I use the term lightly) before bed, which he seems to be increasingly enjoying. Or tolerating as it may be. A few observations I have made along the way which lead me to believe its all in vain (but will stick at it) are as follows:

  • He is clearly more taken with the actual pages of the book than what is written on them! Typical. We are currently using those cardboard style books that don’t rip the moment he grabs hold with his Hulk like grip – I bet he is thinking these new toothy pegs will make great indentations on that cardboard and be oh so satisfying.
  • The motion of turning a page seem most fascinating, making it a chore to get past page one. “No, just let me turn the pages you little shit. This is not a game”. We all know who comes out the winner!
  • Grabbing at the illustrations. Not necessarily a bad thing, at least he is paying a little bit of attention. *Awards gold star* Albeit the night light changing colour seems a constant distraction too.
  • Stories do not really seem to have a narrative. Not that he gives a shit but I do as the reader! Freddy the frog done this, The End. So matter of fact. I shouldn’t complain really as any new words his little ears take in, whether describing or actions word are new sounds. This must be helping him to get a grasp of our fiendishly hard language to learn, right?

Even though it currently seems such a struggle to get through 10 pages of a book, the 5 minutes before bed when he is happy to curl up on my lap is precious. With the nightlight on (just enough to read the size 50 font in a book) we both chill and relax. This calming notion must be the new key to our bedtime routine success.

In the coming weeks, I’m ready to blow Huxley’s tiny mind with pop up book’s! Mwahahah. Halloween is coming whether he likes it or not.

Do you see bed time stories as an integral part of your child’s night-time routine? What is the optimum age to start story telling? Lets start a book club….(LOL)




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