Another month passes by at lighting speed. 7 months old already! Everyday we wake up Huxley is doing something new and it isn’t boring yet. No siree. This month sees the fine motor-neuron skills increasing tenfold, to my expense, and his cheeky personality peering its head further around the toy box.

Low and behold we have given birth to a descendent of Bruce Lee! I kid you not this boy has reflexes as quick as you like. My glasses have become his favourite game at the moment, or a ‘ripping them off my face’ game. I’m sure all parents out there who wear specs have the same issue but Hux has got his precision attack mastered. Similar to Kill Bill’s Pai Mei eye plucking, Huxley has the motion of acting all nonchalant one moment and then strikes with astounding accuracy, the next. He doesn’t even need to be looking in my direction to be successful. All hail Mr Miyagi III. Reminder to self, must invest in a second pair of glasses before the inevitable happens when trying to prise them from his hands/mouth.

Uha Uha Uha Uha. A comical noise I regularly hear Huxley coo, followed by the OH. Some weird, secret code language they have. Probably a sign for milk or nappy change but I’m clearly not down with the lingo this time. Along with the noises, visible raspberry blowing, a new weird whistle he’s mastered on the exhale of a breath and tongue movements are a new facial function. Like a Licker from the Resident Evil franchise, his newly discovered tongue is constantly out and flapping around for all to see. Part of me thinks this is just his tongue getting used to having teethy pegs in his mouth, but as I imitate him by sticking my tongue out, it only gives him reason to carry on. Maybe I should stop. I don’t want people to think he has a problem.

“How you doin?” the Friends character voice I am sure Huxley would have if he could speak already. Mainly aimed at women but not exclusively, his flirty face is being dished out left, right and centre at the moment. Well I say that it’s not just to anyone, the boy has taste, but any pretty lady, waitress or passerby he’s eager to impress, one little smile teamed with his ocean blue eyes sends the ladies into a total gushy mess. No doubt he’s probably going be a ladies man when he’s older and break hearts but its becoming borderline awkward. It also means people think its acceptable to touch him. GET AWAY FROM MY BABY YOU STRANGER. A total overreaction possibly but I don’t personally know these people from Adam, they could be full to the brim with disease and just because he likes your face, doesn’t give you any right to touch him. STAND CLEAR. Rant over!









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