The C Word…

Jiggle bells, Batman smells, Robin flew away, oh what fun…….etc etc etc.

It’s that time of year again that everyone start to focus on the C word. Not that one the other…Christmas. Too early in my book but the shops are springing to life with all things glittery and mince pies are already being forced in your face. That festive holiday that is a complete joy to children and a stressful nightmare for adults trying to provide the best day they can.

Now, I’m quite lucky – I work full-time yet the line of business I work in always has a 2 week shutdown over the festive period so I can really fill my boots, relax, and never turn down that last glass of vino or portion of x-mas pudd.

Toy Wars. Toys’r’us have released their 2016 gift guide and as you expect there are some toys, mainly a robotic dog, that cost a small fortune.

I’m glad to see 2 Lego products have made the list, albeit ones aimed at girls, but still its Lego nonetheless. My favourite toy when growing up and I’m looking forward to the day me and Hux’ can roll around the carpet letting our imagination run free and build, spaceships, cars, boats – you get the idea. The ultimate toy in my eyes and as per an article in the Telegraph in 2015 a better investment than shares in gold! *Cue everyone raiding their attics*

Due to this being Hux’ first x-mas, the temptation to go overboard has been quite high but I have told the OH to calm the hell down. I am sure everyone can vouch for me and agree that he’ll find more enjoyment in any gift wrapping paper than whats actually inside the box? Along with a few aunts and uncles, as well as doting grandparents (even great grandparent), he’ll be more than spoilt without us spending a fortune on him. We are being sensible and putting the cash we would have spent into his savings. With that said we complied a list for people who were struggling with present ideas, mainly to think about the environment a little and not get overrun with ghastly plastic toys:


A black and white zig-zag teepee. Ideal fro playing indoors or outside, a great little den that doubles as a storage area to hide all toys when not being used.

Molly Meg – Teepee

Red Wooden bus

A vividly painted double-decker bus and a guaranteed hit for any little boy. A removable lid allows the 23 miniature wooden figurines to be moved around inside.

Habitat – London Red Bus

Foam bath letters

The first educational toy with the element of fun. This brightly colours 36 piece includes numbers and letters. Textured, these foam letters will stick to the side of the bath as well as any tiled areas.

Toys R Us – Foam bath letters


A wooden toddle truck with secure non-slip wheels. Great for helping with walking confidence this comes with 24 coloured block and a bar with wooden beads to discover and count.

Early Learning Centre – Walker

                                                                       Wooden Xylophone

A giant xylophone for the budding drummer out there. Helping to develop rhythm and motor skills, the rocking feature adds another fun element to the toy. Plus, who does like the sound of a wooden xylophone?

Precious Little One – Giant Xylophone

Dressing gown

A cosy dressing gown for the winter months. Need I say more?

M&S – Dressing Gown

Sensory Ball

A soft textured glow in the dark sensory ball. A perfect first ball that is easy to grip and roll around the floor.

Amazon – Sensory Ball

Cuddly Toy 

Chime chums Dinosaur. What is Christmas without receiving a cuddly toy? Beautifully soft with a ribbon mane this dinosaur makes sounds too.

John Lewis – Dinosaur Teddy


A soft, natural cotton, long-sleeved sweat top designed by Myleen Klass for Mothercare. With a fun ‘Make the good times roll’ slogan on the front and prefect for the current monochrome trend.

Mothercare – Jumper

Push along crab

A red crab ready for new adventures. Uniquely moving from side to side (as crabs do) with harmless claws moving in and out. This will keep your child interested for hours and is masterfully crafted.

Brio – Crab

Whats on your children’s Christmas list?


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