Square Eyes…

It would appear the big black screen in the corner of the lounge has now caught Huxley’s undivided attention. Whether it is on and flashing images sending him into a hypnotic trance or indeed off and just reflecting the light from the window opposite. He is spellbound.


Now I’ve got to hand it to him, for just discovering the TV his first love is The Simpson. Much better than Bob the builder, I think you’ll agree? He sits quietly and calmly to watch Bart terrorise Homer clueless to the violence being portrayed. I’m not sure if Simpson is his choosing or just coincidence that it’s on the same time everyday when we sit down and have a cuddle together. Either way there are no complaints from either of us.

Now, being born in 1985 my childhood viewing pleasure covered the golden era for kids cartoons. I’m talking Button Moon, Rainbow, Thunder,  Thunder, Thunder, Thunder-Cats, ShShShShShShoe People, Ren & Stimpy, Count Duckula and Sharkey & Jaws “Crime busters of the sea, la, la, la, la, la” Sorry I couldn’t help that. Come on, admit they take the gold medal when it comes to animation? In comparison to some of the tripe below, i cant help but feel Hux is being let down.

Pip Ahoy. Please tell me this shit was created on Microsoft Paint? The colours are painfully bright and annoying, especially for first thing in the morning. My opinion is the show is absolute tosh and relies on the retina burning shades to keep any child transfixed. Poor form.

Fireman Sam & Thomas the Tank or Thomas and Friends as its been re branded. Bonafide classics. So why are they now CGI? It has lost all the appeal from when I was younger but I suppose to a new viewer they are non the wiser and CGI cartoons are just the norm.

Blaze and the Monster Machines – another CGI cartoon but I’m allowing this one to stay. Who doesn’t love a cartoon on trucks and racing? A young boys dream show. I actually laughed out loud when I first heard the tagline “Lets Blaze”…I’m not condoning this behaviour in any way but it took me right back to my tear away years when I used to smoke a bit of the wacky backy. LOL

Horrid Henry. This show really winds me up something rotten. Adapted from the children’s book series by Francesca Simon its all about a self-centred, naughty prankster Henry. He has a bad attitude, a problem with authority and a brother who he bullies. Is this really the programme young children should be watching when the are at such an impressionable age?

Now onto my favourites….Oddbods. An amazing cartoon where the Oddbodsban do not speak. As a parent you couldn’t really ask for more! Haha. No, all joking aside its nice for a cartoon to rely on the actions of the characters to speak to the viewer. I’m sure it’s universally understood and makes me believe each viewer gets something slightly different from the same episode.

Toot the Tiny Tugboat. A 2D animation taking be straight back to the 80’s. It’s just a lovely show that deals out some good lessons to children. No violence, or malicious themes, just Toot helping out around the harbour being the good little tugboat he is.

I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes Huxley’s cartoon habits and ive got a lot more annoyance to come.

What are your children’s favourite TV shows? Are there any shows that you do not condone?

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