Campaign for Change…

Calling all dad’s out there! Have you ever been caught out trying to find a place to change your baby’s nappy? Been let down by your favourite restaurant for only providing changing facilities in the ladies toilets? Here’s where you have the chance to really make a difference…

A survey undertaken by The Dad Network shows that close to half of all dads stated they had no choice but to change their baby’s nappy in the car! Shocking. But worse, 60% having to wait until they got home due to a lack of dad friendly changing facilities. Poor babies sitting in a festering nappy for hours on end. Tut Tut.

In the modern-day when parenting responsibilities are shared more than ever, why are the majority of facilities still in the ladies toilets and inaccessible to men? A shift in modern family dynamics now sees more dad’s spending time with their newborns due to shared paternity leave or work/life balance working arrangements. With this transformation business’ need to move with the times to accommodate. Dad’s shouldn’t have to call a member of staff to keep watch while they use changing facilities in the ladies. Nore should they feel excluded or discriminated against for taking an active role in parenting.

I have found on many occasions that the chance to change Huxley in public are few and far between. Some notably strange places that spring to mind are in a local park, not so weird. On my lap in a beer garden – no mean feat but finally in the back store-room of a restaurant (I shall not name and shame). All because no general changing facilities were available, let alone just in the ladies. For companies who thrive off customers, you would think it is in their best interest to provide for everyone – Seemingly not in that instance.

Things are not all bad as I have experienced a few council run establishments now provide baby changing within the disabled toilets. Acceptable enough and unisex, I have no problem with this but why not provide a table in the gent’s toilet?  Is it really that hard or taboo? I mean for crying out loud, the tables fold up so it’s not an issue with space, surely?

Everyone who share’s my pain, Sudocrem have come to the rescue! Newly launched to run alongside their current Care & Protect Baby Changing Room Awards, this is now to include the new category ‘Dad’s Toilet’

Join this amazing campaign and nominate a changing room of your preference, for the award. Have you found changing facilities in a male toilet? Does a specific retailer go out of their way to accommodate you, as a father, to change a nappy? Do you have a go to changing room in your town or city?

Enter by simply submitting a photo, location, and why you want to nominate via the Sudocrem website or by emailing: The closing date for entries is the 31st January 2017. One lucky winner (announced 28th February 2017) will receive an amazing short break to Knoll House in Dorset. Good Luck.

Together we can make a change!



One thought on “Campaign for Change…

  1. Unpleasant to find that. Even in my country I got the same. But I often find changing facilities in public places applicable for both mom and dad parents. So when a dad needs to change his baby’s diapers he can use the available facility. It’s great to know you 🙂


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