Month 8 Madness…

Before Huxley was born, me and the OH would look forward and think: “Jeez, Hux will be 5 months old when I hit my 31st birthday” and “Hux might actually have some teeth before Christmas” but finally “Huxley will be 8 months old around Christmas”. We made these comments all whilst mid was through pregnancy and now it’s here! *screams* If nothing else children really do put the foot down on the accelerator and speed up time. How he is 8 months old already and nearly a toddler is really beyond me, but here we all are.

This month see’s Huxley turning into a crawling, talking, waving, eating machine.

When i say talking, I don’t mean concise words plucked straight from the Oxford dictionary or words from his nighttime books, but sounds that are close enough me and the OH are accepting as words. Da Da Da Da and Mm Mu Mum Mum. Obvious. But the big one teamed up with his new adorable wave is ‘Hello’. He knows the correct time to elevate and drop his voice to imitate us saying Hello to him. Cleaver Boy. I keep trying to urge him on to say more but people have said once he starts talking he will never stop *pulls hair out & purchases ear plugs*

Waving has been a slow and painful development but Huxley has finally got the grip, THANK GOD. After a few arduous weeks of waving at bunches of flowers, food, toys, his reflection in a window (So cute) he’s now realised it should be aimed at humans and is ecstatic when he gets a reaction. WHEEEEY – Finally.

Crawling. Out of the blue Huxley has gone from pushing up on all fours, to rocking, to on the move. All in a week. Incredible scenes in the household but slightly terrifying.

With this new manoeuvrability we have been taking a look at the house to try to baby proof a little. No mean task when you have open fire places, glassware dotted around, antique vases, indoor plants and a love for all things metal and shiny. I firmly believe Hux has been gradually making a mental list of things to attack when reachable. *Insert devil emoji*

So, apart from the obvious of moving anything dangerous, buying a pen or large cardboard box to keep them in, we have done a little research and noted some good points on making the house as safe as possible without living in a empty void:

Getting down to the child’s level to see their chosen path of destruction. Great to see where they are able to reach, stuff that may have sharp edges etc.

Toilet roll trick. This one is a stroke of genius! Round of applause for whoever thought of this one. Use an old toilet roll tube to test object size. If anything you suspect might be a choking hazard, if it small enough to drop through the tube, remove it just to be safe.

Electrical Sockets. Perfect size for a child’s little finger, a wet droolly one at that too or indeed a toy of sorts. Fit protectors everywhere you are not using a socket. I found a pack of 12 on Amazon for £1.05. That’s hardly anything to pay for stopping the unthinkable happening.

Top heavy furniture. As crawling progresses and the wee nipper starts whirling round the house at lightning speed, inescapably the pulling up on furniture and cruising starts. Children will literally pull themselves up on anything they can grip. Top heavy furniture should be assessed to see how stable is it, should it be likely used as a pull up mechanism. If you are unable to move or indeed need it, consider filling with heavy books to weigh it down and sturdy it.

Kitchen cupboard latches. A must for the ultimate danger cupboard, under the sink. Housing a multitude of corrosives and irritants which should be kept out of children’s way forever, not just when they start crawling. There are lots of specialist latches and devices on the market but if you are looking for a cheap option, maybe just a strong elastic band round each knob to stop the doors opening?

So there you have it, my little list on house safety precautions against crawlers and 8 month old Huxley. There will be mishaps, I’m certain of it, but if you can limit these as much as possible then its your duty.

Do you have any accidents happen when your child started crawling? What ideas did you come up with to avoid these as much as possible?


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