X-mas Day Dilemma…

Where to spend X-mas?! A question that has been bounded about for months already. Everyone wanting to be prepared if they are cooking lunch for extra people but mainly enquiring/arguing over time they will get to spend with their new grandchild, nephew, cousin.

Last year, the OH was pregnant. We are both quite conventional and like to spend it with our parents/family, just to get waited on hand and foot to be honest. Mums loves it, don’t they? However, last year we knew it would be the only real chance to buck tradition and stay at home, on our own, just the 2 of us plus bump. FA-BO-LO-US. We got up late, opened stockings in bed with coffee, moved downstairs for more presents, had Moo & Blue pie for lunch then sat with a magnum of prosecco (well I did) all afternoon watching TV and napping. It was bliss! So peaceful and perfect and no travelling required.

This year is more problematic. I wanted to stay at home again, baby’s first X-mas and all that but everyone is up in arms demanding to see Huxley. Is it really that important? It’s just another day of the year, can’t they wait until Boxing Day? Stop, I’m not that ruthless and have relented so now our X-mas day will be nothing like last year, instead a lot of rushing around and anything but relaxing. JOY.

We have 3 places to visit: my parents for brunch, the OH’s for dinner and friends for evening drinks. Can you tell I’m exited yet? Well no, I’m not because muggins here will probably be doing all the driving. Let’s not forget, I cant even get in the spirits X-mas eve and have nice tipple as the police will be out in force. Clamping down on everyone with no pity all because they have to work X-mas day! You chose the job, mate. Disclaimer – In no way do I condone drink driving.

It’s very hard to divide your time equally when you have so many people to try and see. Inevitability, its highly likely someone will be pissed off that “You spent more time with them than us” garbage. Deal with it will be my words of choice. Be thankful that we made the effort to travel 40 miles, but thanks for the slap up dinner.

So yeah, save a thought for me when you’re tucking in to a bucks fizz and sausage roll in the morning because you haven’t got to leave the house. *Sob* When you can indulge in a glass of red wine before 10am because the kids got you up at 5am, too excited that Santa has unloaded his sack over your lounge carpet. *Inset laughing emoji*

Anyone else see X-mas day as anything but relaxing? Do you have split families that you have to divide your time between? Are you saying no to requests and staying at home with no relatives?





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