Merry X-Mas…

It’s nearly here! Only 3 sleeps away (God, I hate when people use that) but yes, the day which everyone has been frantically preparing for will soon be over in a flash. A sea of wrapping paper, cracker bangs and sprout farts. Lovely.


I’ve officially finished work until the New year and with this decided to take a little step back from the blogging until 2017. I will be back, don’t sweat it, with a fresh loads of topics to blog about, an update on Huxley’s first X-mas and no doubt a new years resolution that I’ve nearly broken.

Until then have an amazing X-mas and New Year all you bloggers out there. Eat everything under the sun, drink till you can’t move and shop until you drop in the winter sales.

To quote Macaulay Culkin “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals”



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