Hux’ 1st Crimble…

The dust has settled, mince pies have been consumed, the house drank dry of booze and the X-mas trimmings are packed away for another year. Now I’m back at my work desk patiently waiting for summer to arrive. *Insert LOOOOOOOOONG wait* 
A round-up on X-mas day and Huxley’s first experience of this manic, magical day. Lets start with his view (he whispered to me) Exhausting. Excessive. Overstimulation. So to say he enjoyed it is to stretch the word. Personally, it was all a bit much. Too loud for him, too much ‘Pass the baby’ happening for his liking and too much pressure on having a good time and making his first Christmas memorable. Please.

Like I mentioned in my previous post (X-mas Day Dilemma), and correctly may I add, it was stressful and anything but relaxing.

The day started beautifully, waking up at home, nice breakfast and the added bonus of opened all Huxley’s presents! Win. As predicted, he was more interested in the labels than the gifts but we are eternally grateful for the kindness of family. Remind me of this when I’m literally losing my mind at some of the musical toys he received. Grrrr

Firstly we all bundled in the car and travelled (30 odd miles) to see my family and a very excitable niece that wanted to open and play with everything in succession. The skateboard we bought for her went down a storm and it was tres comical seeing her whizz about the lounge! Watch out Tony Hawks is all I will say.

Next, onto the OH’s parents. Again more fussing over Huxley when all he really wanted to do was nap. Apparently that’s not allowed on Xmas day and as a result lunch was 1.5hr later than expected due to him being overtired and clingy. Told ya so. Didn’t stop me sinking Beaujolais like water in an attempt to enjoy myself. Admit, lunch was bloody incredible… Over indulgent and sumptuous.

Now, my biggest annoyance and as a result ruined my day was the lack of nap for myself. All I wanted to do after lunch was retire to the sofa for a snooze. No such luck. I’m still pissed off about it now to be honest and the executive decisions been made, next year we ain’t leaving the house and Christmas will be spent alone, just our little family. BUH HUMBUG.

How was your X-Mas day… Lovely? Relaxing? Stressful? I would be interested to hear your thoughts…


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