This month marks a pretty monumental time for Huxley and us, his parents. Maternity leave is over for the OH and we have decided to entrust Hux to Nursery/day care for 2 days a week starting the 18th January. *nervous face*. A big beginning that we’re both pretty apprehensive about, as expected, but something that we feel will be good for him.

The process started last September when we applied for the placement (bit late) but luckily they had space and accepted us with open arms. *Hugs* The location of the Nursery is in the city centre and adjoining one of the beautiful parks Norwich is graced with. It’s almost a Harry Potter platform 9 3/4 situation as a lot of people do not even know it’s there. A charming setting I must admit. We have friends who speak very positively of the place and this only confirmed our beliefs it was the correct choice for us.

The manager Stella kindly gave us a tour and I felt a little like Charlie Bucket walking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. No lie. Its dazzling coloured walls akin to a rainbow being sick and things hanging everywhere look the perfect setting for any child to play and learn. An ethos they live by…Learning should be fun. Agreed.

Whilst being shown around we got to tour the different aged rooms Huxley will progress through whilst there: Jellybabes, Jellytots, Rainbow Room and finally Creepy Crawlies. We got an example of the fascinating journals they produce for each individual, including photos of him playing, new experiences and his general progression. Very detailed we both found this endearing and a key piece for the memories box.

December started and we all attended several ‘settling in’ days which overall have been a success, minus an episode of hand, foot and mouth. Thinking about it, I might set up a list of illnesses for a bingo like game. I saw far too many snotty nosed kids whist visiting. Doesn’t bode well when they are wiping their bodily liquids everywhere for another kid to come along and lick. *Insert randomly generated cold*

So that’s it, the big day will be next week when his first full day will come. I expect tears and that’s not discounting me. Lets give him a month to settle in and I’m sure I’ll have some tales to tell.

How did you find the first day of nursery and leaving your child? Were their tears?


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