The Bedtime Tag…

I’ve been nominated by Mark at Thoughts of a first time dad  to have a bash at this bedtime tag series. The idea of this series is to talk all things bedtime routine. As Mark said, it may be the best or worst thing you read today but thanks for having a gander.

1. Describe your usual bedtime routine
Huxley usually goes to bed around 6.30 – 7pm. Sometimes there is a fight but he’s normally well into the land of nod by 7.30pm. Me and the OH take turns putting him to bed so whilst one is reading a bedtime story the other is showering and preparing dinner. Come 8 – 8.30pm we are all sorted, dishes cleaned and on the sofa for an episode or 2 of the latest box set (The Walking Dead). Up to bed around 10ish.
2. What are your favourite pyjamas?
I’m not really a pyjama man to be honest. I have a good selection of joggers and hoodies to wear around the house, plus a sexy pair of lounge pants that I received for Christmas but when it comes to sleep time, butt naked is the only way.
3. What is your current bedtime reading?
Grief is the thing with feathers by Max Porter. Its only 114 pages long but had taken me an actual age to get a quarter of the way through. An experimental sound-poem book, its unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Fully recommend.
4. What would I find on your bedside table?
Baby monitor, glass of water, nighttime eye serum, glasses and my watch.
5. What scent makes you sleepy?
I don’t really know how to answer this one. There is no specific scent that makes me feel sleepy as such. I’m quite lucky and can practically sleep on command but fresh sheet are always a winner. Oh, and I suppose the subtle hint of the OH’s body moisturiser make me feel all warm and cosy.
6. What is your usual bedtime and wake-up time?
I like to make sure I’m asleep by 11pm and now my body clock has fixed itself to baby time I am awake at 6.30am regardless.
7. What are you top three bedtime products?
Toothpaste, Face moisturiser and eye serum.
8. What is your most common sleeping position?
On my side but cocooned up like a sausage roll in all the duvet. Much to the OH’s despair.
9. Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?
Would be wrong if I mentioned anything but the lovely OH.
10. What is your worst bedtime habit?
Getting lost in the world of Instagram when I should be sleeping. I’ve never know an hour to fly by so quickly when scrolling away.
So there you have it, my evening/bedtime routine for all to see. Thanks for the tag Mark.
To carry on the bedtime tag series, I nominate:
Tom – @unlikelydad
Luke & David – @blended_parent 

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