All Black Everything…


Please don’t think my pigment of choice is any reflection on the colour of my soul or dark outlook on life. I’m not a goth (although I do love a thrive to a bit of punk music) – Black is just the one for me. Lets hope my impressionable little Huxley doesn’t grow up wanting his bedroom walls painting black – The monochrome nursery he has currently might not have been the wisest of choices.

Coffee. Who doesn’t love coffee? A staple I’m sure the majority of you will agree to getting you through some tough morning with a screaming baby. I don’t think I would be able to function without a morning coffee or 3. I’ve now ventured into the realm of taking coffee black, the ultimate caffeine hit some may say but it really does give you the true bitter coffee taste. I’m already excited for my favourite (possibly a bit snobby) filtered coffee only allowed at the weekend. Got to have some luxury in life, right? Living in Norwich we are blessed with many independent coffee shops. 2 highlights well worthy of a visit if you are in the area and gasping…

Gosling & Guzman – @GoslingGuzman – You need to try their cashew nut butter latte and Salted caramel fudge brownie.

Strangers Coffee – @StrangersCoffee – Award winning speciality coffee shop and roastery. Go for some truly specialist bean blends.

*Walk off singing Coffee & TV by Blur*

Trainers. I’m a big big BIG fan of a black trainer i must have about 5, 6, 7 pairs? I’ve stopped counting but I just can’t pass up new kicks if they take my fancy. Nike SB’s are the brand of choice, even though they are designed with skateboarders in mind. I’m no skateboarder but had a little spell in my youth; a story involving a white hoodie, a supermarket car park and a bloody massive puddle put me off for life. I’m sure you can guess where that is going? There’s nothing more classic than a box fresh trainer that goes with practically anything and a necessity to anyone’s trainer collection. I even think you can wear them with a suit and not look as though you are trying too hard to be a high-flying fashionista aiming to get photographed for ASOS streetsyle.

Going against my old faithful’s I recently purchased 2 pairs of trainers that aren’t black (Shocker) 1 white pair and 1 grey pair – Still the same brand but these new gems will be out in force for summer. Oh yeah, summer treads *Heel click*. I’ve tucked them away now because unlike black trainers, these will not take a battering from the winter weather and survive to tell the tale. And relax, I’m going all Amy Winehouse on you for now.

Cars. My first car was red a Fiat Punto I named Sevy (everyone names their cars, yeah?)  I loved it as much as everyone loves their first car and the instant mobility you gain. It wasn’t my first choice but budget didn’t allow and car shopping with parents meant we both had a different criteria in mind . ‘This looks a lovely little run around’, ‘Easy maintenance costs’ Blah blah blah. I want a black one! *Sulk*. Nevertheless, i got over it and I’ll always remember the adventures that car bought to me and my mates. Ever since my first car, you’ll be glad to hear its been black and black cars only.

Kitchen. I will leave this one for a separate post but we are currently in the mist of a complete re-haul.  What colour you ask? BLACK. ALL BLACK EVERYTHING – Cabinets, Worktop, Oven, Hob, Kettle, the lot. Stay tuned for an update on the most stressful time in renovation history.

So there you have it. My first, promised, less parent more lifestyle blog about me.

Does your favourite colour seem to reflect your choices in everyday life? Or am I living in some glitch in the matrix?




3 thoughts on “All Black Everything…

  1. I’m a happy person and love bright colours not really a black colour person really interesting post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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