Dad does Desert Island Discs…

I recently see @DaddyPoppinsBlg take part in this Desert Island Discs blog/series. His amazing selections from Massive Attack and Rage Against The Machine made me want to get involved. Now I’m wishing I didn’t start as its caused me a lot of pain and anguish trying to choose 8 tracks!

Initially I thought it would be a piece of piss but condensing a lifetime of favourites songs into a small list was ‘orrible. I could easily switch this playlist about multiple times and still not be 100% happy with it.

Music fills quite a big part of my life and I love the way special songs hold with them great memories. I’ve got a pretty eclectic taste in music so have taken a different approach to the list and within reason, chosen absolutely stonking tunes I highly rate from different decades.

Selector pull up, pull up, pull up the track. RI-KIR-IKI-RIKI.

The Doors – Break on through (1967)

The first song from their debut album and what a start. Released in 1976 this psychedelic rock anthem is one of the band’s signature tunes. I think this really captures the swinging 60’s and if I had the power to time travel, it would be straight to a Doors gig at Whiskey a Go Go on sunset boulevard. LIFE MADE.


David Bowie – The Jean Genie (1973)

RIP to a true musical god, fashion icon and illusive world influence. Love or hate you can’t deny the man changed the world in some way. This track is lifted from the Aladdin Sane album and released in 1972. Props to my dad for introducing me to Bowie and all things glam rock. I don’t really need to say a lot about this as it speaks for itself. Just lap it up.


Sister Sledge – He’s the greatest dancer (1979)

Of all my musical loves, I think my heart lies with disco. There is just something about the unmistakable sound and vibe that gives you the feel good sensation. Shout out to my dear mothership Sandra for this influence. I clearly remember this being on one of her ‘cleaning’ CD’s. Now, hands up and get lost in the music.


Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster (1980)

An actual living icon. I knew a Stevie track had to go on the list and this upbeat number is perfect. Another introduction from the parents that I’m eternally grateful for. “Jammin’ until the break of dawn”


Wu Tang Clan – Protect ya neck (1993)

Around the age 10 I got my eager little hands on the original PlayStation along with the game Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style fighting game. This is where i first discovered Wu Tang and founded my love for hip-hop. The track below was an independent single released in 1993 and a bonafide classic. “Watch ya step, kid”


Radiohead – Everything in its right place (2000)

OK. So if I had to name my favourite band of all time Radiohead would take 1st prize. I get that their not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m a big fan. Thom Yorke is a modern-day lyrical genius and the sometimes bizarre musical arrangements keep me going back for more. Everything in its right place seems a good track for anyone new to Radiohead.


Foals – Hummer (2008)

Foals – I salute you. This band basically sums up my whole festival pastime. I must have seen them live around 12 times and they never fail to put on an incredible show. This track was from their first EP and very rare to be heard played nowadays. A dance punk tribute.


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur – Tapes & Money (2012)

Potentially the most ridiculous name for a DJ, this future house hero is my choice for modern music. For me it brings back fond memories of kitchen parties, tropical basement raves and good mates. Go check out the album Trouble or his Boiler Room set. That’s it, I’m done. I’ll see you on the dance floor.


I couldn’t go leave without mentioning some artists that didn’t make the cut this time: Micheal Jackson, UB40, Ms Dynamite, Ghostpoet, The Darkness, Kings of Leon, The Horrors, Prince, Jamie T, Eliphino, Aphex Twin, Chic, Dizzee Rascal, DJ Zinc, Rod Stewart, Double 99, Erykah Badu, Crystal Waters, The Fugees, The Kinks, Jamiroquai, Arcade Fire, System of a down, The Stokes, Beastie Boys, Blur, Slayer, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s & Chk Chk Chk.

Have I managed to capture one of your favourites in the list?


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