Mahabis Slippers Review…

My first review for this blog is going out to my new-found love of slippers. Mahabis.

I’ve never been a fan of indoor footwear until I moved into a house with exposed floorboards and bare stone floors. Its part necessity, part comfort, part growing old, I suppose. I have been kindly gifted with slippers (if oversized, stuffed Homer Simpson heads count?) from an early age but never really ‘clicked’ with them or got the hype.

Fairly new on the loungewear scene are Mahabis. This brand is single-handedly taking slippers from grandparents round the fire to cool and classic. Check out their Instagram if you don’t believe me.



Opening the box you are greeted with a very stylish, effortlessly modern, no fuss slipper. Designed in London and made in Europe they are a quintessentially British product with a quality Italian sole. My colourway is the Larvik dark grey but there is also a light grey option.

“A luxury unisex slipper brand combining Scandinavian design principles and European craftsmanship”

My Mahabis Classic’s have a beautifully soft sheep’s wool lining that instantly mould to the shape of your foot. It provides warmth yet is breathable so not to make your feet sweaty and causing them to become smelly. Slippers sans socks is the correct way to wear them isn’t it? Well its my way.

The collapsible heel is soft yet grips really well so the slipper doesn’t fly off. Relaxed comfort for a low profile slipper.

The award-winning feature of these slippers, wait for it, is they have detachable soles! Elevating these simple slippers from not just an indoor shoe but to an outdoor comfort style statement.

Shockingly, I chose the black rubber soles (as per my previous blog All Black Everything) but there are a fantastic range of coloured sole to jazz your Mahabis up including Skane Yellow, Gotland Green, Borgen Blue, Rjukan Red and limited edition Grasten Gold.

The rubber soles easily slip on and clip in place with a simple pop stud at the back of the heel. If like me you have a habit of running to put the bin out or dashing to the corner shop without changing footwear, its great for not bringing any outside dirt into the house.


Down to the cost. Yes, they are expensive. £69 to be precise. Probably 3 or 4 times the cost of your basic slipper but they are fantastic quality and just look the business if you are prepared to invest a little.

Overall, I am chuffed to pieces with my pair and cant wait to get in them after a hard day at work. Gone are the times of tripping up the stairs in clumpy slippers, they are light, comfortable and most of the time don’t feel like you have anything on your feet. At present I wouldn’t say they have any bad points, but only time will tell. Jeez…reading this back it’s more me just gushing about the product than a review but that speaks volumes.

Mahabis have redesigned the slipper for the modern age. These should be your No.1 go to if like me you don’t really do slippers.  A perfect gift for a new dad.




8 thoughts on “Mahabis Slippers Review…

  1. I wish they were not so expensive because I’d buy some straight away. I practically live in my slippers and I would love a really nice pair like these. I like the idea of a collapsable back and the sheep’s wool lining.


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