I can’t actually believe it. 1 year or 12 whole months have passed since I was ramming Parma ham & olives down my throat with a minute old baby in my arms. (Please read my birth story YO YO YO, YO, BABY, POP – It’s not as weird as it sounds).

Huxley less than a week old (including scheming hands)…

Now look at our little beast 12 months on…


We have come so far since Huxley Frederick graced us with his overdue presences. There have been tears, sleepless nights but overall a loving bond that will only be made stronger as time goes by. He literally makes my heart melt.

Looking back I feel slightly sad that this milestone birthday not only congratulate me as a dad for making it through the first traumatic year, but also denotes that we no longer have a baby on my hands but an actual toddler! A walking, talking (babbling), eating machine that makes life worth living.

Its hard to put into words how much of a development stage the first year in a baby’s life is. From learning to hold their head up, smiling, sitting up, to crawling, weaning and then the big one walking. If we could have a year like that as an adult, it would probably see us becoming fluent in Mandarin and as athletic as an Olympic gymnast. It’s just a phenomenal journey that shows no sign of slowing down.

Looking at Huxley at the end of his 1st year on earth his personality really shows traits taken from his zodiac sign, Aries. Impatient – I’m sick of hearing his ‘eeeeeerrr’ when he can’t get something he wants. Mischievous – when he knows he shouldn’t be doing something he will look back and give you a cheeky smile before carrying on his merry way. RUDE. Lastly, energetic – I’m convinced he’s got a multi pack of Mars bars stashed to keep his sugar levels up.

With the turning of age came time to organise some kind of special party and we settled on a 2 part soiree. First a simple family only open house affair for people to ‘pop’ round for a slice of cake and glass of bubbles. The second, a WMF (wanky mum friend) play date party. We shunned a big event for all and decided to save it until Huxley was a little more clued up on what was going on, plus it only meant we had to arrange a ruddy big cake and some balloons to inflate. Lazy, I know.

I will be doing a specific blog on kids parties, how to survive and how many drinks is advisable to see you through the day yet not turning into a slurring mess by 2pm. I’ve honed this valuable skill after attending just 2 parties. I’m good, I know.

All that’s left to say is: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUXLEY.



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