FUCK YEAH. I’ve only gone and bloddy done it. Dechox – complete! 40 long, hard days of lent without chocolate. Apart from I failed. Dam you 1st birthday party euphoria.

If anyone knows me, they wont say I constantly have a chocolate bar hanging out of my gob but you can’t beat a square or 2 in front of the television of an evening. Got to have a little luxury in life, no?

I was on task to smash the challenge but failed with only a few days to go. *sad face* I’m blaming the drink and those pesky chocolate covered strawberries that were just far too tempting. It was an absent minded decision that I am still regretting.

Easter is firmly knocking on the door. This weekend will see the Easter bunny delivering chocolate eggs to the nations little sweethearts and I hope to god that I’m included. On my list is a Lint bunny, Cadbury Diary Milk Egg & Spoon Oreo (4 pack) and a bag of Galaxy golden eggs. Eager much?

I’m not a religious person so giving up something for lent wasn’t a form of penance more just a battle of my will power and to give a slight kick to the dad bod ahead of the summer months arriving. As with everything, I thought it would be a piece of piss but as the global advertising marketing sprung into action, chocolate, egg-shaped, was being forced in my face everywhere I turned. Maybe I just noticed it more as I was craving a sugary hit? Whatever the case this Sunday, apart my minor blip, I will be over indulging, probably to the point I feel sick.

As with every Easter my folks put on a lavish buffet style spread and invite all the family over for a catch up & garden egg hunt. It’s probably up there with Christmas celebrations for me, but an underlying debate that seems to be taking over is should we give Huxley his first taste of chocolate?

There is a list as long as your arm of what foods you shouldn’t give to babies up to a year old. If you are the type of parent that have stuck to this list religiously then I congratulate you. We set out with best endeavours but as he has started exploring food more, we slipped… Giving Huxley a few small spoonfuls of ice cream was funny, he seemed to adore it. I’ve given him a taste of beer on his dummy and finally a wedge of lemon – not frowned upon but we just wanted the reaction. Sadly, it never came and he seemed immune to the sourness. Gutted.

I’m gonna leave this post here and trundle off to get me some sweet sweet chocolate. Have a great Easter all.




One thought on “Easter…

  1. I would say well done but you didn’t quite do it but well done for trying next time fab post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please


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