Polly put the kettle on…

So this post steps completely away from parenting, although will help wonders with the day-to-day life of dealing with a small child.

No, it isn’t a sing along post as the title reads. Relatable, yes, but the first major event of 2017 is finally complete. Our new kitchen is now fully installed. *Insert high 5 emoji*

We moved into our house around 2 years ago to a pretty none existent kitchen. That bad in fact, we had a sideboard and pine wardrobe positioned just for storing the mounds of Tupperware and novelty kitchen items acquired over the years. It was a job planned pre Huxley that got sidetracked, massively, which was definitely an error on our behalf. The disruption of not having a fully working kitchen and a 9 month old baby was troublesome to say the least.

The idea of having no kitchen for a couple of months had me salivating at thought of take-away food and microwave meals. The first month was great but beyond that was just vomit inducing; done nothing for the dad bod either. On the plus side of this indulgence, we now know the best Chinese, pizza, Indian, Thai, kebab, fried chicken and burger joint within a 10 miles radius. Bonus I suppose.

I can hear you all screaming for images, so this is what we started with:


And this ladies and gentleman is our brand spanking, all shiny (for now), kitchen of dreams:


Now, you might think black is an overpowering colour for a kitchen but we are lucky to have a very bright south-facing, glass surrounded kitchen. It doesn’t resemble the black hole of Calcutta, yet. I say this approaching spring/summer but it’s a statement, lets put is that way.

At first you would think that planning a kitchen would be an enjoyable task, some may relish in the idea and proper indulge in putting your stamp on an integral part of the house. Lets face it, it’s not something that you do very often. Not just like choosing a paint colour for the wall. …… And there you have, the word that put me off this whole experience. CHOICE. I have never been given so much choice on every single element and component that makes up a kitchen: Unit configuration, colour, layout, worktop, worktop colour, handles, plinths, white goods, splash-back, lighting, the list is endless. By the time we’d completed with the main part, I was sick to death of options and just wanted someone to tell me what to have! It took so long to finalise a plan with 3 different concepts running simultaneity. It turned into one cruel headache and towards the end, swear it nearly killed me. Now the time has come to relax, enojy some quality home cooked food and look forward to hosting some wicked food filled parties over the summer.

Now the ordeal is over ive got to find the motivation to gloss the windows, doors and skirting boards plus stain all fo the wooden lintels. SAKE



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