I’m being proper lazy here and instead of writing a detailed blog post about the amazing long weekend me and the OH spent in Gothenburg (childless), as part of her 30th Birthday celebrations, I’ve decided to let photos do the talking…


We stayed at Hotel Pigalle. A bouji little boutique hotel with influences taken from all things french boudoir. Even the elevator talked to you seductively! A little slice of luxury in the busslin’ city centre.


  In the old district of Haga, now the ‘hipster’ region and full of vintage shops, is the quaint little Café Husaren. Indulge in the kanelbulle AKA a cinnamon bun the size of your actual face!


The Gothenburg art museum was a personal highlight and well worth an afternoon saunter. I literally fell in love with this Charlotte Gyllenhammer sculptor named ‘Double Blind’

Magnus & Magnus. A Michelin guide restaurant that was just epic. A 5 course taster menu that included the best sashimi salmon I have ever tasted (Caught that morning apparently). The price tag for the entire meal and beverages was pretty hefty but as they say: YOLO.


The Gothenburg Botanical gardens where you can climb to a great vantage point overlooking the city. The plants and flowers were just beginning to spring into life but give it a month or so and it will be a glorious attack on the senses.


We were lucky to have had the best weather all weekend. Bright sunny days albeit a bitterly inescapable wind. Just look at how beautiful one of the many canal ways is illuminated.


This last photo pretty much sums up the vibe of the city. People chilling out and catching up, lapping up the last of the days vitamin D.

There are so many things we packed into our weekend, that I haven’t included photos of; The Universeum with real life rainforest and sloths, The Liseberg theme park with stomach churning Helix roller-coaster, a trip to old harbour for a secret art exhibition  and lastly lots of Swedish beer consumed.

If you haven’t considered Sweden as a holiday destination or city break, live a little and experience some Nordic lifestyle for a change. You won’t be disappointed.


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