Fathers Day Gift Guide…

18.06.17. Potentially the most important day in a dad’s calendar. I’m already rejoicing at the thought of being waited on hand & foot; a lovely lay in, potentially poached egg on toast in bed (minus the eggshell) and a showering of gifts. Who am I kidding?!?

To be honest, I haven’t got to the stage yet where I want all those things or expect them. Working full-time, its nice to spend all the hours I can get with Hux, even if it is a wrestling shitty nappy change. All the above things sound exquisite, but I don’t need them to know that I am appreciated. It’s shown on a daily basis just from the way Hux looks at me with those loving eyes, and not forgetting that cheeky smile I can’t get enough of.

Saying that, below I have compiled a small list of gifts that I or anything other father (I’m guessing) wouldn’t turn down and just make what I know will be a great day, that little bit sweeter.

COS – Folded Leather Cardholder

Every dad has a wallet, agreed, it might not have any money in it but you can’t leave home without one. With all the advancements in technology carry cold hard cash is a bit of a rarity for me. First on the list is this smooth leather cardholder in either Navy or Dark Brown. Small, slim and seemingly lightweight this ones for the style savvy.  Reasonably priced at £17

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy – The Milano vs. The Abilisk

Lego! One of my true loves. Combined with my favourite Marvel film: Guardians of the Galaxy, what could be better? A match made in heaven. Zoom around with the Milano starship navigated by the Starlord and steal the Annulax batteries from the Abilisk! Sunday afternoon fun for you and the kids. As I’ve mentioned before a better investment than gold, Tesco have it on sale for £39.99

The Bad Dads Club – Dads Are Dope T-Shirt

So I spied this relatively new (to me) clothing label via Instagram @thebaddadsclub An American based company that sell the coolest dad related design apparel that I’ve seen to date. Modern, Graphic, fashion forward and all together rad. Currently they have no stockist’s in the UK but ship worldwide. The ‘Dads Are Dope’ tee is my top choice. $29.99

M&S – Trowel Thermometer

Alright, maybe I’m a little old before my time but why can’t a man love his garden? I realise I sound about 60’s and shouldn’t be writing this but tending to my growing tomatoes but I’m not afraid to admit it. There’s a lot to say about a well pruned garden in full bloom. A little slice of escapism for the summer months. This trowel shaped thermometer is both decorative and functional and something I would be proud to hang.£12.50

Adnams Champion Beer Box

I’ve waffled on about Adnams before but they truly are my championship brewery. Just a stones throw away they really do come up with the best ales, IPA’s and bitters one could imagine. This box contains a selection that any beer loving dad would indulge in. £10.00

So there it is, my top picks for this year. Have a spiffing Dad Day!


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