Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci…

I recently, if you can call November 2016 recent? Wrote an article ‘Walk, Walk Fashion Baby’ on my top pick for upcoming independent clothing labels, for children.

The summer is truly on our side and hopefully your little ones are all being dressed in shorts and light dress’ to stop them becoming irritable little shits. I’ve upped the game a little here with some more exuberant choices but nonetheless still movers and shakers in the children clothing department. As per, I have selected my favourite stand out item for each with my little boy in mind, specifically.

Fred & Noah


What little boy doesn’t have a mild obsession with Dinosaurs? This monochrome pattern will soon be archived so get in quick. Handmade in the UK; Unique prints; Patterns galore for sizes from 0-4 years.

Polarn O. Pyret


Over 40 years in the trade. Making the best possible clothing for babies and children. Distinctive colourful prints and patterns, planet saving organic materials and Scandinavian style. Designing features that make life easier for parents.

Wolf & Rita


 Embracing the use of old techniques and the natural expertise that comes with experience, Wolf & Rita cultivates the savoir faire and inspiration of the past to create children’s wear for everyday use.

Scamp & Dude


After suffering a life changing illness Jo at Scamp & Dude created a brand that helps children feel more secure when apart from their loved ones. From something dark came something light. Again, dinosaurs, just because.

Sleep no more


Print obsessed. These bold eye catching designs wont fail to shock. The design I’ve chosen is a hark back to the 80’s. Organic cotton and eco-friendly ink there isn’t a bad word to say about Sleep no more.

Finger in the nose


Designing clothes that are capable of following contemporary kids everywhere, everyday and for a long time to come. A unisex bomber jacket in a polyamid elastane exterior (soft velcro) with blue handmade silkscreen painting. The great thing about this jacket is the array of patches available to customise to the max. Move, re-arrange and change patches for infinite combinations.



Born of a desire to make laid-back children’s clothes, Mainio is adventurous and inspired. Fascinated by wild, weird combination of colours from everyday sights and street fashion these sketchbook sweatpants are a key example.

Little Liddicoats


Proudly Little Liddicoats is made for the parents. If you want your little loved one to stand out from the crowd look no further. Open to collaborate with you get in touch if you are after something special. This fully reversible weather inspired hooded jacket is perfect for breezy summer days and cooler summer evenings.

Douuod Kids


Comfortable, refined, casual and authentic.Clean and elegant shapes characterize DOUUOD Kids thanks to modern, fine and comfortable fabrics. This cardigan really shows off the whole brands ethos.

If someone can just bundle all these favourites into a nice little package for delivery, that would be great. Any on the list grab your attention?



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