10 reasons why being a parent makes me happy…

Nominated by Singledaddydadycare here are my 10 reasons why being a parent makes me happy:

Before I crack on with the list, my little bundle of joy is only 15 months old so I am yet to get overwhelmed by home-made cards, affectionate ‘I love you’s’ or home-baked goods (including egg shell). For me its the little things and changes to lifestyle that now make me happy.

1. Unexpected kisses

Starting the list with one of the best. Kisses are always great; your child’s soft, delicate, small mouth prised to give you a loving kiss. Moving on from the slobbery kisses that resemble being attacked by a camel *YAK*, it somehow signifies that everything you do is appreciated and a beautiful reward.  Hux doesn’t give kisses away willy-nilly, on no! You’ll likely be scowled at for getting up in his grill but should you receive a kiss, think yourself blessed – it’s all on him terms I’m afraid to say and very much down to the person/his mood. When you are dubbed good enough and he turns to kiss you unexpectedly, it’s so much sweeter. So genuine. So rememberable.

2. Staying home

“Lets stay home” probably one of my favourite replies when asked “Do you want to go….” “No, lets just stay in, not get dressed, slob out and enjoy each others company”. I’m in no way agoraphobic and if the weather is grand get me out and absorbing that vitamin D. Everything is just easy and care-free when the sun is out so at the slight chance of having to deal with a baby/toddler and the rain, I’m prepared to cancel all plans for a day at home. The hassle a bit of rain can cause on a day out is immeasurable and it soon feels like a chore rather than enjoyable as imagined. I don’t see staying home a waste as I seem to get a lot of menial tasks completed which is a bonus. Having a child is pretty much the best excuse to stay at home you could possibly wish for.

3. Watching your child develop

A few months ago watching Huxley playing/attempting a shape sorter game was a little frustrating/annoying. Over and over and over, I would show him where the shapes fit and to see the colours as an indication of what goes where. Still, he would bash away heavy handily sometimes getting it right through pure luck. Fast forward and out of the corner of my eye I see him sitting quietly nailing the same task with pure ease. Hand-eye co-ordination on point and fine motor skills adjusting the shapes with precision. Proud as punch that he is developing everyday with our guidance.

4. Re-discovering

How many of you pre-children could remember the words to every nursery rhyme? Like me did you think that Baa Baa Black sheep’s second bale of wool went to the slave and not the dame? Thought not, just my weird, warped mind altering innocent children’s songs. Re-discovering all these things that I am able to remember from my childhood is a slice of nostalgia that makes me happy. The very hungry Caterpillar book is now a main choice for Hux closely followed by Dear Zoo – Books that I am sure evoke memories with you all. I’m excited for the time we can sit down as a family and watch all the old Disney movies and 80’s cult classics that children nowadays wouldn’t even consider over CGI blockbusters. Hux is in for one big lesson when it comes to the 80’s.

5. Left overs

Admit, we are very good at making sure Hux eats a well varied, balanced diet. We know he has his favourites but think that we are making a rod for our own back if we do not ensure he tries all foods/textures etc. If he could, he’d choose to live off cheese and buttery toast – such a gluten whore! Yes, I did just call my son a whore – I’m allowed. In our quest to give his food a touch of culinary delight, its somewhat enraging when he point blank  refuses to give it a go; Or when it goes in to come straight back out with a face that says “what the fuck is that?!”. It’s very disheartening. Especially for the other half who slaves away over the oven to prepare him something new. His loss is definitely my gain! I like to call it pre-dinner or if only a small morsel is up for grabs an amuse bouche. It might sound really piggy hoovering up a child’s left overs but lets think about it, this is hard earned cash you have spent on food; why would you just throw it away and waste it?

6. Seizing the day

Religiously we are up at the early time of 6am – give or take. An unholy hour if you don’t have children and previously a time that I would just be dragging my arse home from a night on the piss. Never in a millions year would I thought I would be saying this but an early start really does allow you to make the most of the day. By the time most of the nation are out of their pit, we have all had breakfast, dressed, washing on the line, household chores complete and ready to leave the house all by 9am – Pretty much leaves the entire day at your disposal. Having said this, it does mean I am flagging by 9pm and crying out for bed myself.

7. The happiness it brings to my OH

If fills my heart with pure joy when I see the OH looking fondling over Hux. Mother and child is a bond that cannot be broken and something of true strength that cannot be seen. I love watching the pair interact, full of smiles and at times torment, but still holding either other in such high regard. Me and Hux have a lovely bond, no doubt; he knows who to come to when he wants to play or indeed wants something I have but given the choice it’s mumma as he says, all day long. I’m not jealous in the slightest just grateful that he has a mother with unconditional love for us both.

8. Clothes

I’ve said it before, I’m no fashionista but like to take care of myself and have a nice looking pair of threads to wear. When you come to a certain age dressing conservatively is just the done thing but this doesn’t stop us dressing Hux in some wicked garms. Some clothing for kids is brash, in your face, loud and down right ridiculous but put it on a child it’s always just ‘cute’. I’m gutted I can’t wear dinosaur print anything or bright green trainers but that’s life. We can’t go around twinning now, or can we? It makes me smile when someone else comments on how rad Hux’ t-shirt is when deep down we might of selected it as it’s almost so vile it cool.

9. Family

Me and the OH are close to our respective families. They’ll always hold a place in our heart and always who we turn to in time of need; but that doesn’t mean we want to live within the same post code. I love the way that now Hux is on the scene our families seem a lot closer – not distance wise but in general. Like a puzzle that has now been completed with our little addition. It’s hard to explain but I feel they are more interested and more willing in every way. It makes me so happy because its not uncommon for people to not have the support network of a family at all. Eternally grateful.

10. Adventures

Family adventures. The actual best. From simple walks around the park to visiting a local farm. These are the days that go down in history; your family history. Great memories made and fun learning/ new experiences for Hux. Perfect.

Hopefully you have managed to stick with me until the end and seen some of the stuff that really makes me happy with this whole parenting malarkey. At times it can be so hard and don’t let others tell your otherwise. Even the tiniest of things that make you smile make the journey so worth while.

I’ll leave you with 4 awesome dad’s that I think should give this a whirl. I am positive they’ll all be a great read. Take it away pals…

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5 thoughts on “10 reasons why being a parent makes me happy…

  1. It’s so easy to complain about the hard things. So nice to read this and think of all the amazing things that happen daily. Sometimes you’re too busy focusing on the difficulties that amazing moments just pass by unnoticed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Couldn’t agree more. The pros really do outweigh the cons but in the moment it’s hard to see them. A nice bit of reflection really does show having children is a beautiful thing.


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