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Whatever the occasion everyone aspires to find the best gift they possibly can. The secret mission is on to seek out the most memorable present; most loved; most inventive or most unusual and could involve trawling through the shops or hours frantically searching the internet.

It can feel such a burden and stress to find something within budget that the intended receiver will love and cherish but look no further, the gift site Uncommon Goods has got your back. Not only does this website allow you to purchase some great products that I haven’t seen anywhere else on the web, they strive to feature products that are handmade, contain recycled elements and committed to organics products. Lets face it, we all need to be a little more friendly and conscientious about this planet we live on.

Feasting one’s eye over the site I have chosen 3 standout items that are unique, seriously cool and modern. I have selected these products with events in mind that are firmly on my calendar for the remainder of 2017.


Babies, babies, babies. Are we in the middle of a baby boom as everyone seems to be popping them out lately? With another friend due imminently I spied this incredible Sloth Pals Mobile

SlothWhen I say incredible, I genuinely mean it. As far as I am concerned, this is the best baby mobile currently on the market. Perfect for boy or girl the gentle, slow, sleepy sloth somehow resembles a newborn baby yet this is beyond cool. Check out more extraordinary baby shower gifts


Dads/Granddads/Boyfriends/Husbands. All men in general seem to be the trickiest people to buy a gift for. Socks seem to be the fallback gift along with alcohol or chocolate but check out these fantastic gifts for men

How ingenious is this bit of kit?!? I mean any man (especially my dad) claims to be the BBQ king so adding to their arsenal with these Grilling Baskets is a sure-fire hit. I just can’t understand why these are not a globally phenomenon already.



Who forgot their anniversary this year and had to stop at the garage for a bunch of flowers en route home? If you were one of those then I’m talking directly to you now. Jump on over for unique anniversary gifts at Uncommon Goods for more presents that will go down a storm with your better half’s.

The item that really caught my eye for the OH was this awesome looking piece of wall art named I Love You. This embroidery masterpiece has a beautiful message as well as being stylish and wouldn’t look out-of-place hanging in anyone’s home.



So there you have it, my top picks from the top quality Uncommon Goods. Be sure to visit the website as you’ll be lucky to find a catalogue due to their stance on minimising earth’s valuable resources and shifting more business online.

I can personally assure you that you will not be disappointed with the products on offer. No matter how difficult the person, there will be something here to please! What you waiting for…GO GO GO.

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