Lifestyle, Rebellion, Art, Regret – A list of words associated with tattoo’s; but before I crack on here are some facts on tattoo’s:

47% of Millennials (aged 18 to 35) are likely to have one or more tattoos.

36% of Generation X (aged 36 to 50) are likely to be inked.

13% of Baby Boomers (ages 51 to 69) are decorated.

It’s clear to see through the generations it’s becoming far less taboo for tattoos in general. Tattoos are on the up. Love or loathe them – Do they make you a bad parent?

Tattoo’s come with a very big preconception about the person they are attached to, mainly; You will not be respected by other parents; You’re setting a bad example; You have a past full of crime and mistakes; Your decision-making skills are questionable; You are frivolous with money; but the big one, Your children will want tattoos, which in turn will make them bad people. I have to laugh at that because, well, its bullshit.

If these thoughts/questions/ideas have crossed your mind when speaking to or just looking at someone with tattoo’s then you are shallow, inconsiderate and potentially another body that is causing the downgrade of society. Being completely frank, probably someone who I would not get along with/tolerate/have anything in common with. Unnecessary negativity for the sake of showing your views and highlighting the wrongly narrow confines on what society dictates as attractive or acceptable.

I have tattoo’s, not many, but a couple with plans in the pipeline for another. Obviously this makes me the worst parent on earth but have you ever stopped to consider what effects they have on children? My first glimpse of a tattoo was from my granddad (RIP), a war veteran, he was embossed with his regiment badge that showed he was part of the team. Did people question this? No. Was he serving his part for the country? Yes. Nowadays youngster are exposed to tattoo by everyone; male, female, old, young so there is no stigma attached to tattoo’s in their eyes.

I am going off point but what I’m trying to say is that parenting is not something that you are taught. It is in-built. An unconscious action. Tattoos and the reasons for getting them are made through clear, concise and considered choices (apart from stupid drunken holiday ones). In no way should these life decisions reflect on your ability to parent. In any context at all.

Fans of tats will fight to the nail on their love for ink, the artistry involved, the expressionism, the uniqueness. No one can take that away from them. On the other hand, people who find tattoos disgusting will never come round to the idea or even really acknowledge them.

To conclude, a child/young adult should be shown no boundaries when expressing themselves, in whatever form that may be. This is the way lesson are learnt, the mind (and body) developed and eventually evolved to the person they want to be in later life. As we all know, we can only guide and nurture children through this crazy world, decisions must be made by them regardless of right or wrong. Life is one big learning curve and if you are presented with the question: I want to get a tattoo, give your opinion and stand by your child irrespective of the outcome.

To show my appreciation of tattoo’s and to spark an interesting conversation with Huxley about them, on his 5th birthday I’m gonna let him draw a picture for me to get tattooed. I may regret this if he ends up drawings a massive turd but what an epic memory to carry on me.

For any fellow tattooed parents out there, check out this kids clothing brand:




8 thoughts on “Tattoo’s…

  1. I always loved ‘Once were Warriors’ quote ‘I wear my tattoos on the inside’ . I’m not a fan. I’ve always felt connected and fluidity to who I am. I love exploring that but I don’t want a fixed item or piece on me to disrupt that. That’s me though and others can do what they like. #ThatFridayLinky

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  2. I have tattoos, I’m also a nurse *shock* makes no difference to me as a person or my care! I love them, I think that they’re an art and if I had more money and could put up with having them done I would get more 🙂 Popping over from #ThatFridayLinky

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    1. It’s strange but I can’t really remember the feeling it’s been so long since my last. Determined to have another before the year is out, will let you know how I get on 😬 #ThatFridayLinky


  3. I’m (finally) getting my first tattoo this month. My husband got his first last year. Does that mean we’re worse parents than we were before ink? Of course not.

    I agree with every point you make!

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