Book Worm

Books are my bag.

I bloody love a good book and always have one on the go. I’m not a slave to any particular genre but steer clear of the lovely dovey stuff and history writings.

I find it difficult to comprehend why people don’t read. I mean, it’s your chance for a bit of escapism, relaxing and a bit of you time. To lose yourself in an authors words and paint a picture for yourself of a character or scenario is just phenomenal. Given the ability, why not indulge a little? I bet the majority of you will say ‘Where do you get the time’. Fact of the matter is is I forgo TV or scrolling through social media in favour of a chapter or two.

Now, without researching I’m unsure if reading is in the genes but Hux is proper obsessed too. Maybe it’s linked with his name being taken from famous wordsmith? Joke. Whatever the case give Hux a room full of toys and I guarantee you he’ll hunt out the books to settle in a corner with. Admit, he’s not grasped which way up a book is meant to be read, or indeed what any of the words say, but to hear his ‘oooohs’ and ‘wooooows’ every page turn is superb.

Benefits of reading for a developing child are boundless; vocabulary, creativity and visualisation skills all flourish with every story devoured. The marketplace for children’s books is massive but below I’ve given you an insight into a few that we currently have in rotation and firm favourites. Any of these books would make a perfect Christmas gift for fellow book worms out there…

Tacos – Lotta Nieminen

An interactive book on the process of making a taco; chop veg, mash avo and wrap that warm tortilla up. Incredible. Lotta has also produced similar books for pizza and pancakes! 

Pantone Colors – A Childrens Book

A graphic designers dream book. Introducing 9 colours and 20 shades immersive of dark and light tones. Inclusive of interactive shape sorting this is my current favourite. 

The Worm and the Bird – Coralie Bickford-Smith

From the same author as the brilliant The Fox and the Star, this book is another triumph. A story about searching and hope.

We found a hat – Jon Klassen

The final part in the award winning, best seller trilogy by Jon. Simplictic joy and visual comedy for both adult and child. 

Animalium – Jeeny Brrom & Katie Scott

A must for any animal obsessed child. Beautifully illustrated and very informative. As an adult you’ll probably learn a thing or two too. 

Space (Look Inside) – Usborne publisher

Stars, Moons, Comets, Solar Systems, Astronoughts and Galileo – all so brightly coloured it’s hard to avert your attention. Lift flaps double the information on each page spread. A must for any space fan. 

Triangle (shape trilogy) – Mac Barnett 

Sneaky triangle. I’m not saying anything more…

A Greyhound, a Groundhog – Emily Jenkins & Chris Appelhans

A picture book full of fun tongue twisters. Two animals whipping themselves into a wild frenzy “Around, round hound. Around, greyhound”. A read aloud for all. 

The Book With No Pictures – B.J. Novak

Brilliantly irreverent and silly but so much fun. Only 1 rule: everything written must be read out aloud. 


5 thoughts on “Book Worm

  1. I love this! I’m a huge book nerd, and remember being heartbroken when (as a baby!) my middle son would never sit to enjoy a book. I shouldn’t have worried, he’s just as obsessed as the rest of us now!
    Is it wrong that I judge people who say they don’t read…?

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