Our Fave Five – 2017

What can I say about 2017?!?! Another exciting year full of events and big celebrations.

2017 saw the household see 5 monumental, life changing events and now the focus is starting to round on 2018.


We have a new kitchen!!! After months & months of planning, coping without a kitchen for a few weeks months and mega disruptions to the house with necessary electrical work, it’s finally complete. It’s an all black masterpiece that we both couldn’t be happier with. See my previous post Polly put the kettle on to see it in all its glory. Cue an exuberant Xmas dinner feast in a couple of weeks.


The day in which a lot of mothers fear. Nursery. We are in the mind of calling it daycare as Huxley is only attending 2 days a week whilst the OH steps back to work, part-time. I wrote about this in a previous blog post before Huxley started, but over a year in and we are thrilled that Hux is loving it and we feel safe in the knowledge he is being cared for properly by a fantastic team. An amazing app called ‘Tapestry’ keeps us up to date on all his daily activities.


Dun-dun-duuuuuun. The OH turned 3-0 in April! As part of the big celebrations we jetted off to Sweden for a long weekend. Not my first choice of destination but as the OH is a lover of all things Scandi, so seems fitting. Check out my post Göteborg for a full photo diary of our trip. If in doubt, given Sweden a chance – great words of advices if i do say so.

Houghton Festival

After assuming my festival party days were a thing of the past now Huxley is on the scene, me and the OH couldn’t pass on tickets to this new festival. Set in the ground of Houghton hall and curated by Craig Richards, it was one hell of a weekend. Centred around a beautiful lake and set amongst dense woodland, it saw small unique venues play host to world-renowned DJ’s. Houghton’s aim was to fuse music with art & sculpture from a range of visionary and critically acclaimed artists. It didn’t fail to impress! Houghton we’ll see you in 2018.


Ill-de-Re. Our first family holiday and as sure as, hell it was sweet as. Sun, Sand, Swimming, Seafood, the lot. A pure slice of french escapism for our summer. I wrote all about the struggles of travelling with a toddler in Holiday with a child, but rest assured this hasn’t put us off and we are already considering locations for the summer getaway 2018.


I bloody love London. If it wasn’t for Norwich, I can really see myself living there. The hustle and bustle of a thriving city just gets me. A long weekend in London was exhausted as an additional birthday treat for the OH and saw us take in all the ‘arts’. Music from The Maccabees at Alexandra Place, Theatre in the form of Dreamgirls at the Savoy,  Hokusai exhibition at British Museum, a flying visit to the Sky Garden and all the street food you could ask for. A perfect baby free weekend that reminded us of all the love we have for each other. Arrrrgh.

So that was my favourite 5 for 2017. Who knows whats in store for 2018 – Stay tuned.


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