2018 Fashion for Dad Bods

Christmas is over! In case you hadn’t noticed or you’ve been reluctant to let go of that final piece of tinsel still hovering in the house, its time to face facts. No longer is it acceptable to think about a glass of wine with lunch, that second portion of dessert or indeed a ‘afternoon sharpener’ in the shape of a cocktail.

No doubt all the crap sweet’s (I’m thinking toffee penny’s) are still somehow magically jumping into your gob even though you are starting 2018 with the #NEWYEARNEWME bullspit outlook. Fill your boots, i ain’t judging. I am in the same boat and *attempted* dry January which lasted a whole 5 days!!! I succumb to a Gin & Tonic after returning from my first day back at work because, well, I deserved it. The earlier success of fitting into my trouser, snug I may add, but regardless a triumph in itself was the perfect excuse.

The dad bod is something that I thought long and hard about over the Xmas break. Pondering the meaning and adding to mine whilst helping myself to another mini cheese board in so many days, or sneaking another saussy roll because they never taste better than when fresh out of the oven. But seriously, it’s a dad prerogative to pile on a few pounds over Christmas, if not from food then definitely from booze & sugary drinks.

In light of my newly development pod/beer belly, I’ve kept my ear to the ground and bought to your attention some menswear 2018 trends that will keep you looking fashion fresh, but also detract passersby from your protruding stomach.


As Calvin Harris once said ‘It was acceptable in the 80’s…’ and now 2018 is getting its fix of eighties magic. Pastel Colours, boxy suit jackets, light washed jeans (including frayed hems) and you know those distinctive 80’s patterns that look like they were designed on the back of someone exiting a warehouse rave. As with any old revival the key is not fancy dress but just the odd items incorporated into your current wardrobe. Now time to grab the old family photo albums for some inspo.

Pink & Moss

I for one will not be enticed into wearing punchy highlighter coloured items that will be showing their face this year. I am not a toddler and well, who thinks this shit is a good idea? Two colours that I could be persuaded to wear and already own garms in are Millennial Pink and Moss Green.

Topped as the colour for the year and perhaps on target for the prestigious Pantone nod, pink is here to stay. From eye-popping hot pink to mid-pink and onto pastel. Any shade worn any way and you are pretty much the Tom Ford of your home town.

Moss Green. A colour I am much more at comfortable with, easy on the eye, great for every skin colour meaning it can’t and wont fail. I’m basically ready to decorate every room in the house this colour.


Checks, smart joggers and you wont believe it…Cords! Gone are the days when only geography teachers were seen dead in them. Give the vintage denim a well need break and hit the classic country corduroy in 70’s colours. No lie, they are nearly as comfy as your slob wear.

Vertical Stripes

The only exception to block colour this year will the vertical stripe. Elongating and flattering people wont even see your belly…you may even look concave! Get ahead of the game and purchase a suit now.

Head-to-toe tones
This is not unusual but one that is tricky to master however simple it may look or sound. 1 colour worn head to toe – how could you go wrong? You’ll be hard pushed to find this in any high street store unless you are prepared to take the time and effort. I can just see my toddler faces in the pushchair being wheeled into another shop of his disdain to search for a specific shade of electric blue.
Killing 2 birds with 1 stone you could wear an all white get up which ticks the 8o’s box as well. Proper eighties vibes although you are basically a madman for daring to wear white amongst children. Of all the trends noted, just pass this one up – it achievable for a busy parent.
Brit-Pop Sunglasses
Moving away from the 70’s frame, the round sunshades sported by practically everyone are out. In steps the square shape form from the Brit pop era. Worn down the nose slightly for the authentic look add some coloured lenses for a proper blast in the past appeal.
So there you have it, I am not preaching as my fashion credential are questionable to say the least but I’m just trying to help fellow dads out there who aren’t ready to give up looking smart, respectable or at least a little bit interested in what they wear.



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